Amnesia on Tour!

After a tremendously successful World Premiere at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley and a Mid-West premiere at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education in Indianapolis, Amnesia is poised to tour nationally. We are taking the show on the road. For more information or booking, go HERE.

Canciones de Las Cafeteras

At the end of May I traveled to New Orleans to perform and present at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education. At the conference, I met an extraordinary crew of musician-activists, Las Cafeteras.

Las Cafeteras

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Journey to Lubca/Lyubcha 3: The Forest

Across the Neman River from Lubca/Lyubcha is one of the most beautiful forests I have ever been in.


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Journey to Lubca/Lyubcha 2: The Cemetery

Jewish people have been living in Lubca/Lyubcha, the town my great-great-grandfather Himann Kivelevich was born and raised in, for as long as anyone can remember. Official records go back to the early 1700s. The Jewish cemetery in Lubca has generations of Jews buried in it, including my great-great-great-grandparents, Esther Shifra and Kalman Kivelevich. Finding the cemetery and paying homage to our ancestors buried there was one of the central reasons my brother Ryan and I traveled to Lubca. Were it not for the directions from a local farmer, translated from Belarussian by our extraordinary guides Sveta and Nadya (more on them later), we would have never made it there. Read more

Journey to Lubca/Lyubcha 1: The River

My great-great-grandfather Himann Kivelevich was born in 1868 in a village named Lubca/Lyubcha in what was then Imperial Russia (now Belarus). In 1881, when he was 13 years old there was a pogrom in Lubca. Fueled by age-old anti-Semitism and sparked by the assassination of the Tzar, Gentiles rioted, killing Jews and burning much of the Jewish part of town to the ground. 8 years later Himann immigrated to the United States and never went back. In the 124 years since then, no one in my family has returned to Lubca. Until now. Read more


Family and Friends,

Welcome! This is a brand new space I created for you to enjoy, witness, share and dialogue with…

This blog is to document my performing, traveling, writing, creative process, workshops, residencies, etc. As an interdisciplinary artist working in the crossroads of education, art and activism, touring across the country and working in many different communities, I get to meet incredible people and learn amazing things. This will be a space to share some of that with you. And after this last trip to Eastern Europe I really want to share stories, photos and videos so here goes…

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