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    Don't Forget: Amnesia This Weekend!

    Amnesia: A New Play About Race and Immigration
    Amnesia Written and Performed by Ariel Luckey

    Good People! This is it! #amnesia, the first single off our fourth-coming album #rememory made by our new music project #luminocitystation. Check it out! #oldschoolnewmusic with hella love for all of my creative collaborators Lila Sklar, E O (a.k.a. Eric Oberthaler), Valentino Peeps, Dan Cantrell, Beth Vandervennet, Susannah Martin, Corey Fischer, Jessica Ivry, Cory Sands, La Peña Cultural Center, Amanda Rose Luckey, come see us do it live this Sunday at Congregation Sherith Israel!!!

    Amnesia is the first single from Luminocity Station's upcoming album rememory due out in 2015. Inspired by the play of the same name, Amnesia embodys Luminocity Station's unique blend of Hip Hop, Klez

    New Amnesia Single: Free Download!

    New Amnesia Single: Free Download!
    I am thrilled to announce that my dear friend and collaborator Lila Sklar and I are creating a new music project called Luminocity Station. And that we are releasing the first single from our forthcoming album rememory. The song is called Amnesia, inspired by the play. You can hear and download the…

    It's official. Lila Sklar and I are releasing the first single off our new album rememory tomorrow. get ready world! #amnesia #livingmydreams #oldschoolnewmusic